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Small Folk Memories at Home

Lapland ‘Memories at Home’ experiences celebrate the wonder years of innocent childhood belief in Father Christmas, through the delivery of personalised gifts from Father Christmas himself. Belief will reign and cherished family memories captured to last a lifetime.

Treasured Belief in Father Christmas

Lapland 'Memories at Home' celebrate Small Folk's innocent belief in Father Christmas through the delivery of personalised gifts from Father Christmas to make the most treasured memories in your homes that the Small Folk will remember forever.

Christmas Eve Box

On the most magical day of the year, Father Christmas has very special personalised early arrivals for the kindest Small Folk!

Letters from Lapland

The true magic of letter writing to Father Christmas is held in the back and forth communication between the Small Folk and Father Christmas!
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Memories at Home

When is the last day ‘Memories at Home’ can be ordered?

To guarantee delivery in time for Christmas, 19th December is the final day to make orders of both Lapland ‘Memories at Home’.

Do the Small Folk need to have visited the live experience to enjoy ‘Memories at Home’?

The ‘Memories at Home’ experiences have been thoughtfully crafted for all Small Folk to make treasured memories through honouring their belief in Father Christmas!

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